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Environmental EquipmentWe provide optimal equipment that meet your needs at a low cost.
Environmental Equipment that benefit manufacturing and the planet

The world is currently facing many challenging ecological issues, including global warming, photochemical smog, and water pollution. Dealing with these problems is the collective responsibility of the present generation. Against such a backdrop, a high priority issue for Japan’s renowned manufacturing industry is to consider how to conduct manufacturing in an eco-friendly manner. Examples of eco-friendly measures include filtration systems to clean factory waste water, and minimizing output of nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds. Chuo Koki has a diverse range of environmental equipment such as cleanrooms, dust collectors, mist collectors, washers, various electric tools, and semi-dry lubricators. We are constantly improving the performance of these products to ensure that are matching the needs of the manufacturing environment.

Building an optimum manufacturing environment

No matter how much a product may contribute to the environment or to energy saving, the initial investment will, for the company, be very large. We at Chuo Koki, have an extensive knowledge of environmental equipment and an ability to prepare proposals that demonstrate keen awareness of the product’s properties. We can identify the right product for the end user –a product that will deliver impressive benefits at the right price-performance ratio. We consider environmental equipment from multiple perspectives, including how the equipment could improve the end user’s working environment. We can add value to your business by helping you create an environment in which you can achieve eco-friendly and people-friendly manufacturing. There is no factory that does not need to improve in some way. Every factory has challenges to deal with. We visit the factories of our users and listen to their concerns, and this is why we have an impressive track record in delivering improvements. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry.

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