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Machine Tools・Peripheral EquipmentWe produce optimal equipment that maximize efficiency.
Labor Saving Equipment that Boost Productivity

The manufacturing industry has diversified since the period of high economic growth, and this diversification prompted the production of processing machines that can meet a wide variety of needs. In addition, the growing demand for mass production led to a rapid streamlining of manufacturing operations and increased output. The wide variety in the types of operations that had previously been carried out by hand has resulted in a wide variety in manufactured products and product quality. In factories that deal with cutting tools and heavy materials, operations would be carried out by hand, which entailed risks of accidents. Labor saving equipment facilitate uniformity in operations by mechanizing laborious manufacturing processes and human labor, and enable mass production by boosting output. They raise output per hour while reducing production costs. Of course, labor saving equipment help improve product quality, but they also contribute to safety. If dangerous processes are carried out by machines, this minimizes the risk of workplace accidents. Chuo Koki meets customers' demands for low cost production, production line enhancement, and safety in the workplace by proposing optimal labor saving equipment. If you are worried about the time and costs required for carrying out a plan of action or replacing your equipment, or if you are wondering whether it is possible to streamline your manufacturing processes, feel free to contact us. A member of our team will select the most appropriate machine from a supplier, and help you eliminate inefficiencies in your production processes, boost output, and achieve the best cost performance to enable an improvement in productivity.

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